Maladaptive Daydreaming- Multiple Personalities


Got a good discussion going with a friend on the idea of our main daydream character being a separate personality. Is there a connection between multiple personality disorder and maladaptive daydreaming disorder?

My friend has the theory of our main character being a separate personality that is “in training” to come out when we need it to. Normal daydreams can be trail runs for teaching us to deal with different situations. But what about maladaptive ones? Are they plotting our destruction? Is MD the beginning of a much more serious mental disorder such as multiple personality disorder? Join us for the discussion.

I’ll upload it to youtube also.


Maladaptive Daydreaming- Conspiracy Theory

ImageTrigger the twilight zone music. We’re getting weird with this one. I was just wondering if anyone else during they’re time dealing with MDD had any paranoid feelings. At the first mine was so bad, I just couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I did wonder if someone, or something was projecting these images into my mind. Where else could  they be coming from?

Many people with MDD have gone to doctors for answers, wondering if they were developing schizophrenia or other mental disorders. So did I. Doctors seem to be set back at the idea of being trapped in daydreams or fantasy but completely knowing they are not real. We don’t fit into any category. But our numbers seem to be growing. Have we always been out there and just now connecting thru forums and social media? Or is this disorder on the rise? If so why?

Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura had an episode called “Brain Invaders”.

“Ventura interviews a group of so-called “targeted individuals” (or “TIs”) – people who claim that they are being manipulated and tortured by mind-control signals after they have spoken out against the government. He further looks into the technology that could be behind these attacks, such as microwave transmitting GWEN towers, and meets with insiders who claim to have worked on and developed the technology for the government that began with Project MKUltra.”


This is kind of what I suspected at first when my MDD was at it’s worse. I thought maybe this explained why there has been a history of mental disorders in my family, maybe our family was a long term experiment.

Well, I don’t believe that now. My MDD is better controlled now. Even though I have found no real help from doctors, or therapist I do believe the daydreams are the construct of my own subconscious. My own personal torturer, conjuring up my fears and replaying them to elicit the most emotional response it can get. No I don’t think the government is broadcasting movies into my mind to make me depressed. They have nothing to gain from it. I am no more then an ant on the planet. There is no reason to think I would be of any interest to be observed in their ant farm.

But in closing, there is a wonderful quote, I don’t know where it came from.

“just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.”

You Tube of the show

Radio show

Maladaptive Daydreaming- Attitude


Do you have a bad attitude? Is it due to your maladaptive daydreaming? Like the old joke about the woman who wakes up and hits her husband for cheating on her in her dream. Are the events of our daydreams effecting the way we treat the people close to us? I don’t have much control over the content of my daydreams. I have noticed that if the daydream characters are arguing  then I feel agitated towards those around me. I have to be very careful not to take out that anger on them.

I don’t know if it works the other way around, I mean I don’t have happy daydreams so I can’t speak for whether or not they give you a positive attitude towards those around you. Maybe you know.

“For as he thinks within himself, so he is.” proverbs 23:7 Thats a scary concept. I don’t want to be the character in my daydreams. She is more like the weak and frightened inner child needing to be rescued. I am not like that, I am a strong person. Is the movie in our head shaping who we are? Changing our attitudes, even our personalities??