Maladaptive Daydreaming- Forever Young


Do you look younger than your age? I’ve talked to many maladaptive daydreamers who say they are told that they look younger then they are. I am also told that allot. So my question is, since we most often dream a younger version of ourselves, are we slowing the aging process?

Crazy? maybe not. They haven’t even began to understand fully how the mind affects the body. You know the old saying, “you’re as young as you feel.”

Creative visualization and aging

“The power of imagery can also be a tool in rejuvenation. Some therapists use imagery to guide us as we are immersed in an experience of ‘age regression’ designed to carry us back via our memories to earlier stages of life associated with feelings of youthfulness and vitality.”

Exceeding Your Limits: Visualization

“Meditation can reduce stress, cause your immune system to work better, slow down the aging process, ”


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Maladaptive Daydreaming- Prison or Escape


What is it to you? Many express it as an escape from reality, trauma, or boredom.  Is that all it is? Or can it be much more sinister? To me it is. I don’t chose to go into a daydream to escape boredom or because I’m unhappy with my reality. My reality is good, I would like to be enjoying it. But the daydreams are my prison. I am given short times of freedom but returned to the lock up soon after. Am I the only one?

Some describe it as an addiction. Being a slave to the addiction.  But I don’t have that experience. That short time that the MD stopped for me, I did not have withdrawal from it. I enjoyed the time to live my life completely. It was very sad to have the MD return. But I can see how it could become addictive for someone who prefers the fantasy to their reality.

To much of a good thing is bad. Normal healthy daydreams are a great escape and can give people the break they need to spur creativity and refresh their minds. Like a vacation. But like a vacation, you may be having a wonderful time and not want to return home. But you have responsibilities at home. If you don’t return home, you may lose your job. Sooner or later you run out of money, then the hotel kicks you out, but now you have nothing to go home to. Giving yourself over to the desire to remain in the carefree vacation could cause you to lose everything. Staying too long in a mental escape can be just as destructive to your life. So becoming addicted to daydreams and fantasy can cost you in the real world. This is where many people find themselves. So if MD is an escape for you, get control of it if you can.

For those who find it is already a prison, all we can do is continue to fight. It is like getting locked up abroad while on vacation. Your vacation becomes a nightmare. Those of us who find ourselves in this position may have lost much already.  I have lost so much time, as well as some sanity. You can’t get your time back. Once it’s wasted, it’s gone. Let’s fight for our minds, our time, our life.

Set goals for yourself, even if just little ones. To help get you doing things. Like a prison work release! Examples; I’m going to read one chapter of this book, I’m going to load the dishwasher, I’m going to walk outside, I’m going to call a friend to ask how they are doing. Even if the daydreams are strong in between the activities, you are still reclaiming some of your time, some of your life.



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