Daydreaming is hard work says neuroscience research

Daydreaming is hard work says neuroscience research

Have you ever been told that you have your ‘head in the clouds’ too much? Are you a daydreamer at work or school? If you are, it’s perfectly OK as daydreaming is an effective tool that we should do more often according to Neuroscience Research Australia Senior Research Officer, Dr Muireann Irish…………

Irish says daydreaming gives humans the ability to consider the thoughts and perspectives of other people.

“On a healthy level that’s really important for us to socially adapt to different situations, to imagine what your colleagues are thinking, to reason as to why someone made a snappy comment but it’s not about you because you can put it into a wider context.”

But Irish say there is a line between healthy thinking and paranoia.

“In some psychiatric disorders such as anxiety or depression, there’s a lot of ruminative thought, so people get trapped in sort of maladaptive forms of this type of thinking and in schizophrenia as well so there seems there are levels of how adaptive this type of thinking is.”……………………