magnetic treatment for MDD?

I just read this article on new insights into the default network and how they think magnatic fields can be used to better control it in depression, PTSD, schizophrenia, (and I think MDD)


Interesting articles

“Some psychologists and neuroscientists say our constant plugging-in to electronic devices means daydreaming – the creative, reflective, wandering of the mind that has bred some of the world’s most brilliant ideas – is becoming an endangered activity.”

“Creativity is not a one-size-fits-all kind of trait. As author and artist David. B. Goldstein, who wrote “Creative You: Using Your Personality Type To Thrive,”recently told HuffPost, “there’s more than one way to be creative — everyone is creative and can be creative in their own way.”

Help others to help yourself


MDD is a self-absorbed condition. Keeping you focused on yourself, what is going on in your own world, your own reality. This is a very unhealthy way to live, for yourself and the planet. We need to be aware of the needs of others and all things around us. It is helpful to make time to do things for others, charity work, volunteering, etc.  It pulls you out of your mind and into reality. It also helps with depression. Doing good for others is doing good for yourself.

Me being an extreme introvert I found it very hard to find a way to make this work for me. But I think I have found a way. Being kind and caring to animals is also a way of selfless giving. I am much better with animals then people. I adopted two shelter dogs, and volunteered to foster for the human society. So I am making a difference in the lives of animals who can’t help themselves and it is in turn helping me. I find happiness in a wagging tail, and get pulled into reality by sloppy kisses and squeaky toys. Having the dogs around has cut down on my MDD. I encourage you all to look for a way to give of yourself and see what a difference it can make.